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X’pertdays Russia

One of the factors behind Roxell’s success is the deep knowledge our partners have of our products. We build this knowledge with training sessions, for example, during our X’pertdays: 3 days of training sessions for distributors.




From 23 to 25 April, Roxell held the first X’pertdays for our four Russian distributors: Agromax, ATM-Agrotechmontazh, Hartmann and Neoforce. These training days were hosted at the Aerostar Hotel in Moscow. This location wasn’t chosen at random, as Roxell’s Russian sales office is situated in the building. The distributors sent a mix of sales and service-oriented representatives.

Our Russian distributors are already intensely focused on pig and turkey solutions. For this reason, we chose to make them the two major themes of the training. We supplemented the program with subjects that were suggested by our distributors. For example, we discussed Multifast, Roxell’s weigher and mixer, and batch weighing system, in great detail.

We also took their knowledge of our heating and nesting systems to a new level. In addition, we gave them information about Natural Beak Smoothing and iQon, the poultry feeding controller.

The training days were very interactive and were held in both Russian and English. All in all, it was a huge success. Thank you to the participants for your engagement and enthusiasm. See you all at the next X’pertdays in Russia.


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