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Blu'Hox 120

For meat pigs from 20 kg up to 120 kg

Fast and uniform growth
  • Fresh feed and water located on the same spot.
  • Plenty of feeding and drinking space around the pan. (Blu’Hox 120: 6 animals. Blu’Hox plus 120: 10 animals.)
  • The pigs determine their individual ration and mixture of feed and water.
  Important feed and water savings
  • The special pan shape and the feed saver edge keep the feed in the center of the pan.
  • The grill offers the pigs spacious, quiet and individual eating spots.
  • The large feed pan prevents heavy animals from wasting feed and water.
  • Any spilled water mixes with the feed in the pan and is consumed.
  Easy management
  • Blu’Hox offers an accurate adjustment of the feed level.
  • The asymmetric hopper ensures a smooth feed flow and eliminates feed bridging.
  • Blu’Hox feeders are easy to clean.
  Benefits of large groups
  • Important savings in house construction (uncomplicated feeding system, minimum penning, less walkways, etc…)
  • Stress free groups due to the clear pen zoning (activity, resting, eating area).
  • Excellent uniformity of the group.
  • Comfortable handling of the pigs.