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Le Roozzt

Modular perch system for laying hens

Modular and easy to assemble
  • Le Roozzt TM adapts perfectly to the situation in your house.
  • The universal connectors are made of plastic and guarantee a fast and easy assembly.
Animal friendly and hygienic
  • Le Roozzt TM has an open structure without sharp parts and offers the hens a comfortable place to sit.
  • The different levels are easy to reach.
  • The used materials displease injurious insects (red mites, ...).
Wincheable, easy to clean
  • The 2-high types of Le Roozzt TM can be winched up per set of 4 units. They can easily be cleaned by high pressure without disassembly.
Robust for a high durability
  • Strong, galvanized tubes and connectors made of durable plastics give Le Roozzt TM a long product life.